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Hi, as you’ve seen from the title this is my first blog. Here you’ll get to listen to me ramble and share knowledge about the things that I’m passionate about and hopefully you'll learn something new (fun times).

Screenshot from my latest game

A little backstory about me: I’m currently a game development student at college that focuses on programming and have created 4 simple games over the span of 2 years. I’m working on my final game at the time of writing before finishing off this course and moving onto university.

At university, I will be starting a computer science with cybersecurity course where…

A very simple room with three task that have us reverse engineering some simple programs to finds passwords. To prepare, all we have to do is download the files and run the “chmod -x” command on each of them to give them execute permissions. Some might also need to run “sudo apt get radare2” to install the command line reverse engineering tool.

In this blog, we’ll be exploring the solutions to the questions in this room as well as learning how we can utilize the Owasp top 10 web vulnerabilities to perform our “malicious” actions. This one’s gonna be quite long so lets get on with it my fellow hackers.

  1. Command Injection

The first room we explore is command injection. Here we only have an input field with very little information whenever anything is typed into the field. It is however enough for us to discover a lot of valuable information.

We start off by running ls to list everything in our…

With the latest advances in technology, developers have been able to release new content onto software really fast and often. It’s understandable that it can get annoying to keep downloading and applying these updates onto your devices however it’s for the better.

There’s upsides and downsides to these technological advances. The good sides are that you get more content and features, it gets pushed out to you faster and the updates are usually very easy to apply.

The downsides are that the larger the codebase the higher the room for errors and bugs is to appear, these bugs can easily…

People will always prefer convenience over security. This has a very negative impact as it very often leads to account takeovers since people just make it too easy for hackers to get in. Today I’ll show you how your passwords can be broken, what can be done to get around it and then how to create stronger ones instead.

Bruteforce attack performed with John the Ripper

When it’s time to break into your account, hackers will often try two methods; bruteforcing and dictionary attacks. Bruteforcing involves an attacker trying every combination of characters in hopes of hitting the right order. An example of this would be trying…

An introduction to reversing simple programs using the radare framework along with some assembly basics like the syntax (AT&T in this case), registers, if statements and loops.

This room starts off by getting you to connect to the server. Simply enter the terminal and type in tryhackme@<SERVER_IP>, accept the fingerprint and enter the password which is reismyfavl33t.

The web more often than not feels like a nice place where we can discover tons of information and have a fun time. However, it doesn’t take long to look in the wrong direction and see how evil certain parts can be. Today I’ll teach you some things that you can do to protect yourself when browsing the internet. As it often is with privacy and security, you’re going to be sacrificing certain things such as some features but this is for the greater good.

Some people might respond by saying that there is no reason to put time into…

We’ve all experienced our devices become painfully slow to the point we no longer want to use them. This can make for a very annoying experience however I am here to save you (or at least try to). I’ll run you through the list of things I do whenever I need to freshen up my computer.

To start off, it’s best to do this on a clean device meaning you should ideally factory reset before continuing onwards. …

Daniel Kasprzyk

Hi I’m Daniel, a hacker/game dev. Here you’ll find interesting tech information and anything alike :)

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